Why outsource your customer service?

To answer the question of "Why outsource your customer service?", you need to ask these questions about your company and your current customer service effort:

  • Can you say, with absolute confidence, that your Customer Service Department is the best it can be?
  • Are your customer service representatives making all the right moves? Saying all the right things?
  • Are your customer call center representatives making any mistakes that could severely damage your company’s image?
  • Are members of your sales staff spending time answering customer service related questions? How much time are they spending on the phone “putting out fires” instead of selling?
  • If your sales team spends time answering 10 customer service calls each day, in a one week period they have just been removed from one entire day of sales calls. Is this happening in your organization?

No matter how well you train your inbound call center and outbound customer service call center representatives, industry studies demonstrate that a consistent, ongoing training program is vital to  providing a superior customer experience. Do you have the necessary training budget? Do you have the time to train?  Do you have an experienced training person in place?

Why Outsource Your Customer Service

Outsourcing Customer Call Centers

Companies outsource their customer call centers not because they see them as unimportant, but because they understand three things:

  • They realize that the customer call center is vital to their business.
  • They recognize, often from experience, that customer call centers are not easy to build or manage.
  • They understand that both inbound and outbound customer call centers will continue to grow in size and complexity.

“The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests, and employees like people.” ~ Tom Peters, Organizational Management Expert

Companies outsource their customer call centers to ensure competitive service delivery with reduced operating expenses. This is why GroAccess Communications is your full service US Based Customer Interaction Solution.

Is a Customer Call Center Important?

In this age of customer relationship marketing, it’s vital to make every customer contact as positive and productive as possible.  A Call Center offers unlimited opportunities to strengthen customer relationships, build brand loyalty, and to increase sales. Whether it’s online or via telephone, customers want the flexibility to contact you in the way they feel most comfortable. Customers want to know that their request is important and routed to the right person for the right answer regardless of whether they call, email or submit a web-based form.

The trouble is identifying, integrating, and maintaining a communication system to handle the rapid leaps in technology. In the past, customers only interacted with companies to start/end service or product, and/or if a problem has occurred. Today, customers have grown accustomed to want much more than just the basics. Their time and money is valuable, and they want you to recognize that fact. GroAccess Communications is the solution.

Should You Outsource Your Customer Service Call Center?

It’s clear that the debate as to whether or not outsourcing is an important management tool is over. In fact, the debate is not only just over, it’s long over. To argue that an organization should not be actively seeking ways to outsource to improve its call center operations would be like arguing that it should not be using technology. The power of Customer Interaction Solution Outsourcing is clear, the management systems needed to make it work are well documented and, in fact, the very future shape of business is being redefined through outsourcing.

No organization, regardless of its size or sophistication, can possibly hope to be “best-in-world” in every aspect of its operation, yet none can afford to be anything less. This means that every organization must surround itself with a network of specialized providers who are themselves best-in-world at what they do. Through outsourcing of non-core activities, cost savings in the 15 percent range are common, combined with comparable increases in quality and throughput.

Bringing Companies and Their Customers Together

We offer a variety of U.S. based Outsourced Customer Interaction Solutions for you, our strategic partner in success. We believe that to be successful, organizations must continue to grow and develop their relationships with their customers. However, with all the advancements in technology, relationship building is getting harder to accomplish. Using our Customer Interaction Solutions, your customers will have a choice of communications channels so they can contact you in the way they want – via the web, phone, or email. The ultimate in customer satisfaction and retention!

Companies will outsource their customer call centers to ensure competitive service delivery with reduced operating expenses. GroAccess Communication is your solution to both!

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