Product Warranty Processing Center

Does your company have a product warranty program?  Do you have a standardized process in place to handle the occasional claims for refund or replacement?  Let GroAccess Communications handle your product warranty processing so you can concentrate on what you do best - marketing and selling the products.

Product Warranty Processing CenterWarranty claims are a part of business nobody likes to discuss, but always needs to be addressed.  Outsourcing this part of your business to GroAccess is a cost-effective way to take this burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our Product Warranty Processing Center combines innovation with efficiency. We tailor and scale our Warranty Processing Center quickly and efficiently to match your specific needs. Quick turn-around time optimizes the consumer experience and keeps them as a satisfied customer, while our background fraud control adds to your financial peace of mind.

When your customer calls us, we want them to think they are talking directly to your company and the decision-maker in order to leave them with a positive experience that they want to share with their friends through word-of-mouth and Social Media.

Our services include:

  • Refunds
  • Product Replacement
  • Social Media Programs
  • Email Responses
  • Postal Mail Responses
  • Check Issuance
  • Coupons/Product Discounts

GroAccess Communications partners with many “niche” Business to Business and Business to Consumer companies to cost-effectively manage their warranty programs end-to-end.

Regardless of the warranty program size and scale, we have the equipment, facilities, experience and expertise to support your project. Our in-house support team handles processing, replacement distribution, mail sorting, and pick and pack to become your one-stop solution for rapid refund or replacement, all targeted towards complete customer satisfaction.

Common Applications

Some common applications for an effective Warranty Service Solution can include:

  • Buyer Trust
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Competitive Edge
  • Promoting Positive Word-of-Mouth

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