Direct Response Marketing

A well-executed direct response marketing campaign generates strong customer and prospect interest that increases your inbound inquiries. 

Add our enhanced direct response marketing services to the normal flow of contacts generated by multiple promotions via direct response TV (DRTV), radio, direct mail, print, email and the Web, there may be seasonal periods during the year when your existing customer service resources cannot handle the increased volume in a timely manner. GroAccess Communications can help you cost-effectively manage the ever shifting demands of high and low inbound customer contact periods so that you can better serve new and existing customers, grow revenue and increase brand loyalty.

GroAccess Communications is uniquely positioned to provide today’s small-to-medium sized industry leaders with the most advanced communication technology and U.S. Based outsourced customer contact services they need to communicate with their customers through a phone call, email, contact form, website or any other channel.

GroAccess helps our clients design a comprehensive approach to managing their customer base throughout the entire customer life cycle (acquire, retain, serve, and grow).

Customer Interaction Solutions

Handling large volumes of inbound customer contacts generated by your company’s marketing strategy can be challenging, especially during peak response times. GroAccess helps meet this challenge by providing a flexible, integrated approach to managing inbound contacts through traditional methods such as phone, mail, fax, and the Internet (e-mail, contact forms, etc). GroAccess can efficiently and cost-effectively handle all customer contacts, whether they are processing orders for a product or service, fulfilling requests for free information, or providing outstanding customer service. We have years of experience in handling a wide range of Direct Response programs.


Why GroAccess Customer Interaction Solutions?

  • Outstanding direct response, customer care, and sales support services
  • Increased customer service level, conversion rates and revenue-per-order at a lower cost-per-contact – increasing client profitability
  • A proven, experienced Marketing Department to assist with your campaign (creative, design and production)
  • Talented and experienced account managers who personally guide clients’ programs to success
  • Quick ramp up to meet the dynamic needs of your business
  • Sophisticated Conversation Models and data capture capabilities to collect and manipulate information.
  • “Career Minded” Customer Service Representatives
  • Hours of operation built around your needs and your business hours, not ours
  • Media sourcing and web-based reporting capabilities that give clients near-real-time feedback on results of their media buys.

Common Customer Interaction Applications

Some common applications include:

  • Product and service sales/orders
  • Lead generation/qualification
  • Applications/activations for financial products/services
  • Information/literature requests
  • Dealer, store or location referrals
  • Product re-contacts
  • Customer service (FAQs, order status)
  • Catalog orders and requests

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