Customer Interaction Solutions

Customer Interaction Solutions

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US-Based Outsourced Customer Service

When choosing a US based Customer Service Outsourcing Company for your customer service efforts, it is important to find a partner who can provide you a broad variety of customer interaction solutions that will both increase customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line.

GroAccess Communications is a company that strives to handle all customer calls and/or requests exactly the way you would expect them to be handled – quickly, accurately, efficiently and always with a personal touch.

Most importantly, we work hard to make sure the customer believes that they are reaching your company and a decision maker directly, not an outsourced agent.

We can provide you with daily customer call reports to demonstrate how we are effectively meeting your company’s customer service goals.

We are prepared to work with you on your individual marketing strategy (both inbound and outbound campaigns), and support your overall sales and marketing efforts.

To achieve these Customer Interaction Solutions goals and more, GroAccess Communications offers four key Customer Interaction Solution (CIS) sets. They are interchangeable and flexible, but list what we offer our clients based on the increasing communication demands of the marketplace:

Customer Interaction Management Overview

Companies like yours are keenly aware that customer satisfaction is vital to continued success. With the ever increasing use of contact via the Internet, customer satisfaction is often closely tied with how well you utilize this vital communication channel. But it doesn’t stop there! You also have to make sure that no matter how a customer chooses to contact you, you have a complete history of every interaction across all channels.

GroAccess Communications understands the challenges involved in integrating all of your customer contacts. We also know that focusing on your core business should be top priority. To help you meet that goal, we offer full service, customized Customer Interaction Solutions that include:

  • Best-in-breed multi-channel communication technologies that make sense for your marketplace
  • Integration of these various technologies
  • Experienced, live, US based call center agents who use all available technologies to serve your customers
Customer Interaction Solutions

GroAccess Customer Interaction Management synchronizes all customer contacts for a single view of the customer. It also enhances customer satisfaction by giving your customers a choice of contact methods, from a well-trained human touch to sophisticated high tech, without sacrificing service.

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