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About Us

We are a leading Customer Service Outsourcing Company,

GroAccess Communications, Inc., is uniquelyAbout Us positioned to provide today’s small to medium sized companies with the advanced technology and outsourced customer contact services they need to communicate with customers utilizing all inbound and outbound contact channels. GroAccess helps our clients design a comprehensive approach to managing their customer base throughout the entire customer life cycle (acquire, retain, serve, and grow). Our core and guiding principles describe our approach to customer service and how we can be a strong strategic partner in your customer service effort.

We offer a variety of U.S. Based Outsourced Customer Service Interaction Solutions for you, our partner in success. We believe that to be successful, organizations must continue to enhance and develop positive relationships with their customers. However, with all the advancements in technology, customer relationship building is getting harder and more expensive to accomplish. Using our Outsourced Customer Interaction Solutions, your customers will feel that strong relationship with you and your products – when they want to and how they want to.

Website Development and Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and customer support solutions for your online business and conventional business functions are vital GroAccess services. Find out more about our Web Design, SEO, hosting, and website support capabilities.

We are a division of a family owned business, Total Marketing Associates, Inc., founded in July 1977. We are composed of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and talents. Our Customer Service Representatives have chosen this field as a career, not just a part-time job. Our Management Team: President, Kim Cimaglio, and our Vice President of Operations, Anthony Yelk, have over 40 years of combined customer service and technical expertise and have put together winning programs for companies as diverse as lawn & garden, septic care, floor tile, playsets and many more!

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Our Core Customer Interaction Model

Our business model is developed around providing outsourced customer service support to companies that require 2,000 to 20,000 customer interactions per month. We want this market to get the best Customer Interaction Solutions that technology and human integration can bring.

Having a highly trained career-oriented customer service representative personally answering your customer’s service requests, with “best of breed” technology across all channels, builds relationships. Both our inbound and outbound customer service solutions are designed around providing our Customer Service Representatives with “Bonding Knowledge” of your organization and Conversation Models – not scripts or integrated voice response (IVR) techniques used by our competitors. Your customers want to know that their request is important and routed to the right person for the right answer, regardless of whether they call, email or submit a web-based form. That is how we do business, and that is how today’s best business relationships are built and nurtured.

We provide support to companies that others dismiss as “problem children” or minor accounts. Our business model does not allow that classification to ever happen. Each and every company that we partner with is just that, a partner, and a vital piece of our business that commands the same respect as any Fortune 100 company.

Our Customer Interaction Solution Principles

Principle 1 – The Principle of Now

Today’s Customer Call Centers are about responding to customer needs in real-time. GroAccess Communications operates on a principle of urgency we call the “Principle of Now.” There is always an urgent and pressing need at GroAccess to answer the phone (or web chat or e-mail) in an urgent, timely and efficient manner.

Principle 2 – Personalize Every Customer Interaction

Every customer service interaction should personalize the service so that each customer is treated like the “only” customer and made to feel special. This level of customization may be based on the type of customer, their past transaction history, or other critical flags that may be set by the organization. Customers will expect to choose how they wish to interact with you, and your customer service solution must meet their ever-changing standards and by the media of their choice. In today’s business environment, telephone service is no longer the only process for good customer service.

Principle 3 – Know Your Customers

Employees and systems will know the customer and build on that knowledge with every customer service contact. Our training classes include “Bonding Knowledge” sessions, so our team has a good idea of your team and the products and/or services you provide. More than just a company history, our team wants to know what makes you tick, what your strengths are, and by using this “knowledge,” develop a strong and satisfying customer interaction solution.

Principle 4 – Enable Representatives to Deliver Great Customer Service

Our people are the cornerstone to great customer service and must be enabled with the right tools, processes and information so that they are empowered to help the customer resolve any issues on the first contact.

GroAccess Communications operates on the fundamental belief that individual differences will produce genuine competitive advantages in our niche market(s). Utilizing the diversity of our workforce, we will maximize our productivity and enhance the quality of work life. Respect for the uniqueness of each individual is a GroAccess core value.

We improve your customer experience and protect your brand reputation.

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