Outbound Surveys

Outbound surveys are a cost-effective method to measure customer experience and determine if your product or service is right for the market and serving the end user's needs as originally intended.

Are you looking for a way to make sure your product and/or service is meeting today’s market demands?  Are you wondering if your latest product is generating positive word-of-mouth, customer satisfaction, and buyer behavior?

By using the “personal touch” of a US-based live caller instead of automated software, you’re more likely to get the higher response rate you need in order to make future, profitable business decisions.

GroAccess Communications partners with many “niche” Business to Business and Business to Consumer companies to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their direct survey campaigns.

GroAccess Communications offers solutions for making every outbound phone survey contact a valuable customer or prospect interaction. Using our innovative Conversation Model with multi-product and service capabilities, GroAccess’ outbound phone surveys will get the results you need.

Our surveys can be given and fully branded to your specific business goals and efforts. We always make sure the person we are surveying thinks they are talking directly to your company.

Formats for conducting surveys from GroAccess include:

  • Web based surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Email surveys

Business today requires giving each customer precisely what they want and need – exactly when they want it and where it’s most convenient for them to receive it.

Common Applications

Some common applications for an effective US based outbound survey solution can include:

  • Conducting Market Research
  • Increase Brand Loyalty with current customers
  • Developing and implementing techniques to win back previous customers
  • Testing out new ideas before you spend valuable production time and development expense
Outbound Surveys

GroAccess U.S. based Outbound Customer Interaction Solutions synchronizes all contacts for a single view of the customer. It also increases customer satisfaction by giving your customers a choice of contact methods, from a well-trained human touch to the internet, without sacrificing service.

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