Halstead Testimonial

GroAccess has been a key vendor/partner of our company for the past 10+ years. They continue to take great pride in the handling of our customers and resolving customer satisfaction issues as well as supporting our sales efforts. Our company’s growth and success over the past ten years could not have been possible without GroAccess! They have proven that when individual CSR’s take ownership of a product line, and treat it as if it was one of their own products, the end result of taking care of the customer has helped our bottom line. Our customers know we provide great customer service and that’s why they continue to be our customers.

Tony Yelk exemplifies the type of Customer Service Manager that any company should strive to employ and clone! His ability to manage a staff of people, monitor phone system performance and feedback of data fro the phone system, and provide web-based services has helped our company to focus on the necessary areas to improve our products and services.

Testimonial of:
Rich Taylor, Customer Service Manager, Halstead International