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When most businesses realize they need a customer service call center, they often balance their consideration between
doing Get Started With Groaccess Communicationsit themselves and the ROI that GroAccess Communications can offer. GroAccess takes great efforts to hire and train the best customer contact agents and invest in the latest call center equipment and technology required to properly and efficiently handle inbound and outbound calls along with email, web-initiated, chat and other media channels in order to assure your customer’s complete satisfaction.

Setting up a fully operational U.S. based customer call center is not easy. You must find the right location, design the work environment, find and train personnel, purchase an automatic call distributor (ACD), invest in ACD management software (possibly an IVR System), predictive dialer, call monitoring equipment, and much more. You must then hire the best agents, train them, worry about issues like creating request for proposals for equipment purchases, staff turnover as well as finding the right people qualified to manage the entire operation.

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Customer Service Call Center Audits

We have organized a list of questions for you to consider when planning your U.S. based customer service outsourcing strategy. GroAccess Communications would be glad to perform an audit on your existing call center operations and present your organization with a customer call center proposal. Contact Us today for more information.

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Ask yourself this question: “Why Outsource my Customer Call Center?” The answers may surprise you. Feel free to browse our website and explore the U.S. based Customer Interaction Solutions that GroAccess can offer your organization. There are major advantages to using GroAccess for some or all of your customer service effort, what we list on our web site are just a few. Our name says it all: we want to “grow” your business and increase your customer “access”.

We welcome the opportunity to put together a proposal or customer service audit for you. By focusing on the relationship between your company and your customers, GroAccess Communications is your full service Customer Service Interaction SolutionContact us today for more information!

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