Eco Lab Testimonial

Some time ago, Ecological Laboratories, Inc. (ELI) found itself in a position of needing improvements in its sales and marketing staff of one of its smaller market segments; this was necessary to achieve its growth requirement goals. Rather than add to its staff, the decision was made to outsource its on-site wastewater segment to GroAccess.

Over the past few years, GroAccess has successfully managed and developed the PRO-PUMP on-site wastewater market successfully, from sales to service. Developing not only the relationships with active accounts, GroAccess has developed new accounts, conducted all market development functions, and prepared the on-going advertisements, as well as taking on the entire role of supplying the essential technical service to a comparatively technical market segment that is involved in on-site wastewater.

This is a market where both product and market understanding is critical to account retentions and account development. GroAccess currently provides 90 + percent of the technical support needs, and all of the daily business service to this market and account base.

Additionally, GroAccess has taken on the responsibility of managing this division’s important International Trade Show, setting up said show, preparing the pre-show advertising, developing the specials for the show, setting up the trade show booth, and conducting all aspects of the trade show exhibit. It is important to note that this event is an order writing show, and GroAccess took the orders, processed the orders and collected the leads for sales after the trade show event. The services provided over the past years have been well beyond Ecological Laboratories, Inc.’s expectations, and GroAccess is considered of extreme value to ELI in its growth goals for the coming years.

In closing, we are more than satisfied with GroAccess. We have found their service in meeting market development needs, technical understanding and the development of a support staff capable of servicing accounts expectation exceptionally, combined with conducting the business from advertising to literature preparation. They do quite a job for ELI! Please review for a close look at GroAccess’ value to ELI.

Testimonial of:
Douglas A. Dent (Doug), Vice-President, Sales Technical Support, Product Development, Ecological Laboratories, Inc.