Detailed Play Testimonial

GroAccess Communications has provided all call center and marketing creative services for Detailed Play Systems for over ten years. The GroAccess creative team designed our print catalog, many of our website graphics, and the framework of our Detailed Play PRO website. One the phones, GroAccess is the professional, friendly, and knowledgeable voice of Detailed Play Systems. GroAccess has represented our company to our customers, and then our customers to our company, on tens of thousands of call interactions.

From day one to today, we continue to be delighted with the quality of service that GroAccess provides. Detailed Play is ta playground equipment products retailer. We offer a broad residential and commercial equipment product line and our business reaches out to and received calls and emails from a very diverse customer base—parents, grandparents, architects, administrators, woodworkers, teachers, corporate buyers from all parts of the country. Customer communications are often interweaved between email, which we support in-house, and telephone. It is a challenging business model and operation for any call center to manage. Always focused on our mutual growth and success in business, GroAccess delivers the resources that are needed for us to impress; talented, skilled, and caring customer service representatives, effective operational processes tools and call center technology, timely, clear, concise, and accurate call reports and follow-ups. All of our customers continue to receive our immediate attention and assistance on the telephone lines thanks to GroAccess. We believe that our strategic partnership with GroAccess I why the Detailed Play brand represents the best retail level customer service available in the playground business.

GroAccess Communications and Detailed Play Systems have both grown from entrepreneurial startups to viable long-term operations, together. Our partnership with GroAccess Communications is one of our company’s most valuable assets. If your mission is to deliver top notch customer service for your company, I would highly recommend contacting and contracting with GroAccess as your company’s partner in marketing and/or call center operations and management.

Testimonial of:
Karl Jessen, President, Detailed Play Systems

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