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There are a wide variety of communication methods today. GroAccess is able to service the prominent methods in a timely fashion, whether via phone, email, or web. This is essential when your consumer base spans a wide age range. Garden control products require through conversation with the consumer to assure adequate, legal information is provided. The team performs an excellent job listening to the consumers, asking questions, and understanding the situation and question before answering. This would not be possible without a well-trained, educated team. Fabulous!! It is one area of my job I do not have to worry about! I know the team is consistently giving their vest to our consumers. Regulated products can be quite complicated; there have been several instances where GroAccess has brought to our attention that labeling instructions are not adequate or that they are confusing.  Any time GroAccess recognizes a pattern with complaints, they alert us to the issue. Recently, we had a bottle defect and GroAccess received several calls, and in the same few days, we heard from out accounts as well. At that point, we realized we had a serious problem. GroAccess immediately started issuing refunds and communicating our sincere apologies to consumers as to the defective bottles.

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Daphne Huey, Senior Brand Manager
Central Garden and Pet

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