Blended Customer Service Solutions

Blended Customer Interaction Solutions

Many companies are facing shrinking budgets and head counts, increased competition, and eroding market share. As a
result, the typical Blended Customer Interaction Solutions company’s sales force tends to focus on the largest, hottest sales prospects and opportunities. But who is looking out for the low-maintenance or smaller existing accounts and prospects, who are typically your most profitable and loyal accounts?

More and more firms are turning to U.S. Based Outsourced Customer Service Interaction Solutions from GroAccess Communications as an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain and improve relationships with their new and existing customers, regardless of size. Our US Based “Blended” Customer Interaction Solutions approach takes the best of our inbound, outbound and direct response customer service solutions and blends them together into a customized package designed to manage all of your customer service needs for today and tomorrow.

Our full range of U.S. Based Customer Interaction Solutions (CIS) provide a cost-effective means of managing customer relationships. Whether through proactive inbound and outbound sales contacts (phone, email, direct mail) to end users or to channel partners, we can assist you in retaining customers, enhancing service, expanding relationships, and building customer loyalty for your firm or product offering.

GroAccess Customer Service Interaction Solutions employ Conversation Model techniques to uncover your customers’ needs and then recommend the most appropriate mix of products and services to maximize conversions.

Our Blended Customer Service Interaction Solutions allow your sales force to focus on:

  • The hottest and largest sales opportunities
  • Reducing the overall cost of your sales program
  • Profiling your customers to gain insight into those customers

Our Blended Customer Service Interaction Solutions contribute to your sales growth by:

  • Increasing the lifetime value of existing customers through proactive coverage techniques and effective up-selling and cross-selling
  • Focusing energy on smaller customer segments
  • Generating a greater number of customer contacts in a shorter time frame
  • Providing a means to generate and follow-up on leads
  • Reducing time to market new products

Common Applications

Some common applications include:

  • Full or shared account management
  • Lead management
  • Customer service issue resolution
  • Rebate handling
  • Product Warranty issues
  • Order entry/provisioning/reservations
  • Fulfillment

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